details make the difference


Communication and design for italian culture are coexisting .. is a recipe of manyingredients starting with a strong identity that evolves the traditional forms in
innovative and contemporary elements. For consumers who are increasingly discriminating and looking for a high level of customization of their look and identity.

Since 2000

Ileana Turrini Group


Founded in 2000 ILEANA TURRINI GROUP is an international premium brand consultant in communication, specializing in the fashion, luxury and lifestyle sectors.

Interior Designer

My image, my life in high-level public relations, elegance, Italy-France as an taste at international level on objects for the home that accompany us for now and forever.
Accompany us for now and forever.
An object, a house, a story. Every home seeks an object that belongs to it.
Looks for a particular object that will accompany him throughout his life.